Price per photograph (*or set of photographs) 5.50 GBP each (by e-mail)

In some cases a single photograph will show the entire stone and the inscription will be readable whilst in others, due to either the size of the stone/amount of information/multiple sections or panels/illegibility etc., a set of photographs have been required.

Accompanying each photo or set of photos will be a transcription of the full Memorial Inscription or as much as has been possible to record.

In some instances, a copy of the lair or grave layout plan may be available, indicating the position of the grave, also, if possible, verification of the section and lair/plot number.

Photo Quality

Many factors contribute to the quality of headstone photographs. For example, the position of the sun can result in an inscription being so overshadowed that flash photography is the only and best option. This however, although not ideal, can sometimes be the only solution to capture particular detail.

Difficulties can also arise in cramped or overgrown cemeteries or within fenced plots preventing direct access. In the case of a stone being completely covered either in moss, lichens or ivy, no effort will be made to remove this covering as it’s removal may result in damage. Any flowers, shrubs or additional monuments around a stone are moved when necessary and if possible, to capture any obscured details and are always returned to their original position.

How to purchase photographs or request a search/site visit

Step 1.

After identifying an individual on an Index, record this information, including name, date of death, age at death and most importantly, the location of burial. These details must then be included in any inquiry.
If you wish to confirm names, dates and possible relationships, this can be done by e-mail.
(If your enquiry relates to a ‘Search’ or a ‘Site Visit’, please see details on ‘Services’)

Step 2. Payment by Paypal – how it works.

You will receive an e-mail ‘Request for Payment’ from Memento-Mori which will contain details of which photographs/services you have requested, a link to Paypal and instructions on how to pay.

Step 3. Check your e-mail.

Once payment has been received, photographs will be sent to your nominated e-mail account. (Please allow up to 48 hours for photos to arrive). If your enquiry relates to a Search or a Site Visit, a reply containing an indication of costs/time involved for any work to be carried out will be sent.

(Accessibility/distance/hours of daylight (and not forgetting Scottish weather) all present their own unique sets of challenges).

*Depending on the legibility/amount of detail on each stone.


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